Sandhurst cadets ‘broke coronavirus rules in a drunken party’ at military academy


A group of cadets who hosted a boozy party at Sandhurst have been disciplined for breaking coronavirus rules, it has been claimed.

An investigation has been launched by Army chiefs after the trainees are claimed to have gone on a drunken spree in the Old College, which faces the parade ground where graduates take part in the passing out ceremony.

It is claimed around 50 cadets from the prestigious military academy in Berkshire, got drunk together before throwing booze that glowed in the dark over each other and smashing up a TV, Mail on Sunday reported.

Their alleged actions went against an order that the must stay in three separate ‘platoon bubbles’ to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

The trainee officer who are members of 22, 23 and 24 platoons of Burma Company must now carry out extra cleaning duties and be subjected to 5am room inspections.

The ‘party revellers’ had just finished the first part of their one-year training and had been placed in lockdown inside Sandhurst for the past three months.

Army bosses are believed to be considering whether to boot out the ringleaders of the party which took place last Saturday.

A source said: “It started well enough with everyone staying in their platoons, but as they drank more, the social distancing which has been in place for months went out the window.

“It was like a rave with the lights out and everyone downing luminous cocktails [drinks that glow under ultraviolet light] and hugging each other.”

They added that the cadets ‘had enough’ of the rules and restrictions but they ‘let themselves and their instructors down’.

Cadets from Alamein company at Sandhurst were said to be disgusted saying they had ‘behaved like idiots’.

News of the incident will cause upset to junior officers who have been helping to carry out coronavirus testing across the country.

They also assisted in building the emergency Nightingale hospitals.