Officers attacked and guests arrested as trouble erupts at huge illegal lockdown party


Police breaking up a huge house party in clear breach of lockdown rules were attacked at the property before they handed the homeowner a £10,000 fine.

Trouble erupted when police tried to break up the house party in Stalybridge, in Manchester, which was attended by 47 people.

The gathering broke lockdown rules, which state people cannot meet inside unless they are from the same household bubble.

Three of the guests were arrested at the property on the town’s upmarket Cypress Oaks estate, two of them for assaulting police and all three for public order offences.

The homeowner was later handed a £10,000 fine, the Manchester Evening News reported.

An official antisocial behaviour order notice has been slapped on the property which prohibits people from visiting.

“This could’ve been avoided if the occupants did their bit and held off on the house party until a more suitable time,” said a spokesman for Greater Manchester Police.

The ‘closure notice’ was one of two handed out by police in Tameside, although officers did not identify the addresses.

Details of both incidents were described in a post by GMP on its Tameside North and East Facebook page.

Both notices, it said, were dished out under the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

“This prohibits any visitors whatsoever that do not reside at the address. Both were following reports of large gatherings at the addresses. On the first all occupants left without any issues and they dispersed of their own accord,” said the post.

However, it described how trouble broke out when they tried to stop the second party at the house on the Cypress Oaks estate, where some properties sell for more than £300,000.

The post said: “Unfortunately, the second gathering relates to a call to police regarding 20+ people at an address on the Cypress Oaks estate, Stalybridge.

“After 30 mins of trying to reason with what turned out to be 47 guests disorder broke out and residents were disturbed by the individuals that were present. As a result a number of arrests were made.”

The post went on: “A £10,000 fine has been issued to the home owner for hosting this gathering during the ongoing pandemic and subsequent regulations.

“Whilst officers were engaged with this incident dealing (sic) the calls to police grew and genuine victims of crime were kept waiting. This could’ve been avoided if the occupants did their bit and held off on the house party until a more suitable time!”

Coronavirus infection rates in Greater Manchester continue to fall and are down by over a third from last week.

The latest data from Public Health England shows the rate for the region is now 230.6 per 100,000 people in the local population.

That is down 36 per cent on last week.

It is still above the national rate of 186.7 but the rate is falling faster than the country as a whole.

The rate in Tameside, now 192.9, has also gone below 200, for first time since September 28.