Dog nobody wanted finds forever family – and his tail is finally wagging again


A dog traumatised by his past and left sitting in a rescue home without adoption has finally found his forever home.

Precious Percy, a one-year-old pup, has been so hurt by his past that thinks every person is going to hurt him.

He spent about two months in a rescue centre – but not a single person expressed interest in him, according to reports from Grimsby Live.

A spokesperson at Oakwood Dog Rescue, in Hull, said: “Percy has lived at Oakwood for seven weeks now, he is not coping in kennels and not making much improvement at all.

“He’s constantly scared and only relaxes for a little bit when he is outside with his doggy friends but it doesn’t last long.

“Percy will need time to learn to trust his new owners because he thinks every person he see is going to hurt him.”

The spokesperson added: “Percy has been traumatised by his past.

“He is really scared of all the staff around the centre and is struggling to trust anyone.

That was until two weeks ago when an article was published about Percy’s heartbreaking situation.

Oakwood Dog Rescue, has now confirmed Percy has been placed with his forever family.

More than 150 people registered their interest in him after his story was made public.

The rescue centre says Percy was sharing snuggles with his new dog sister within hours of settling into his new home.

“Percy went to his forever home. He’s doing well because he is following their existing dog and getting confidence from her,” a rescue centre spokesperson said.

Percy’s new owner, Maggie, from the Grimsby area, says she rehomed Percy because she wanted her existing dog to have a friend.

Maggie, who wishes to keep her surname private, said: “I’m really pleased with how he has managed in his first 24 hours.

“He has claimed his part of the sofa. He happily pops out to the garden and trots back in.”

Maggie says little Percy has even been eating treats from out of her hand.

She added: “He hasn’t been distressed by anything in the house and had a really quiet night.

“We’re getting up to double figures with the tail wags.”

In hopes of helping Percy find his forever family, Quality Canines stepped up to offer the person who rehomed him with free dog training and behaviour consultations.

Quality Canines, covering Grimsby and its surrounding areas, provides private training session, reactive dog classes, one-to-one behaviour training consultations and ongoing support, among more.

Upon hearing the good news, Natalie Smith said: “I didn’t even think twice when I offered it. It’s so nice so many people care about dogs the same way I do.

“I’m sure people will love to hear he has a home, finally. Great team effort from everyone.”