Steam just added official support for the PS5’s DualSense gamepad


As of the most recent Steam client update, all games sold on Steam that utilize the platform’s Input API will have automatic support for the DualSense gamepad; “no developer updates required,” according to Valve. The indicator LEDs, trackpad, rumble, and gyro features all work perfectly in supported games, such as No Man’s Sk, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Death Stranding.

Valve doesn’t mention anything about the DualSense’s adaptive triggers, so we assume that the Input API doesn’t yet support that technology. If so, we can’t complain too much — the number of games that actually make use of the adaptive triggers is very low at the moment, and it’s even lower if you only count titles that are available cross-platform (and not PS5 exclusive).

With that said, we can probably expect that to change in the future, so hopefully, the Steam Input API will support additional DualSense features over time. As a new PS5 owner, I’ve been impressed by the DualSense’s haptics overall, but the triggers are particularly impressive; even if they start to make my fingers ache after a few hours of gameplay (fortunately, their resistance can be turned off or toned down).

Right now, support for the DualSense on Steam is only available to those participating in the platform’s Client Beta. If you aren’t taking part in the Beta yet, you can find out how to do so right here — it’s a very straightforward process, and only requires a few clicks, so don’t worry about waiting around for an invite or queue.